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United Kingdom

The North East England has a publicity toolkit for ERDF related projects in  the region, which is sent to all project beneficiaries on approval.  The toolkit, including guide to publicity requirements brochure, press release template with standard ERDF paragraphs and a case study pro forma for success stories is available for download at the programme website:



CENTRAL EUROPE Programme presents a list of approved projects. The list is sorted according to the priorities of the Programme. By clicking on one of the projects you can get detailed information on the project itself, including the project partners, its overview and the description of the planned objectives, results, activities and the projects' location on the map. its project partners. To read more about the projects, please visit the Programme's website.




Belgium, Flanders, the publication of beneficiaries 

An overview of all projects in Flanders with financial support from ERDF for the period 2007-2013 can be found here.  You can search using the map or via the search engine by selecting one or more of the multiple criteria. For the moment the project description is available in Dutch only but there is an English explanation provided on the first page and also in the guidelines for using the map and the database.





Tillväxtverket – the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, the managing authority for the eight regional programmes for 2007-2013 runs a website dedicated to the Structural Funds. Parts of the website are also available in English, including articles about projects financed by the European Regional Development Fund, such as "Environment and prospecting bring new life to mining areas", or "The technology of the future is developed in Robot Valley". The full list of articles is available here.



France, Midi Pyrenees

Celebrating Europe in Midi-Pyrenees region

The European programmes in the French region of Midi-Pyrenees organised a week of celebrations around the Europe Day. Between 4 and 9 May 2009, Toulouse and the other cities in the region hosted European Villages, expositions, animations, shows and even the bicycle trip around the projects co-financed with the help of the European Funds. To read more please visit the programme's website.





Open air exhibition showing 14 projects supported by the EU

Bicycle trip to visit the EU funded projects attracted almost 200 participants.

European Village in Toulouse


Czech Republic - 5 years after the accession to the EU

Ministry for Regional Development of the Czech Republic has prepared a media campaign, to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the accession to the European Union. The announcements were placed in all Czech daily journals and the most important regional or economical newspapers or magazines. The text says: "Celebrate with us! For 5 years already we have been able to use the advantages of being a part of European Community for our better life. The European Funds - Investment to your future".


The Netherlands

Regional Operational Programme for East Netherlands for the period 2007-13 covers the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel. The programme used the first letters of the two provinces to put them in the catchy slogan: "Let's GO innovate!" The slogan explains the main objective of the programme which is to turn East Netherlands into a leading European innovation region.

The programme managers have started a series of annual publicity events which will be organised on a rotation basis by each of the sub regional city-networks. The first one took place on the 6th of November 2008 at JE Stork Air in Zwolle. The objective of this and the future events is, first of all, to increase awareness of the OP amongst the SME in this region in particular. The organisers used a form of the cabaret, which helped in creating a genuine partnership atmosphere.

See the movie clip (53MB)


The North Sea Region Programme 2007-2013. Selected information actions

"Talking about…"

The North Sea Region Programme 2007-2013 has recently published a new series of web videos on the Programme website, in the "Key concepts" section. Titled “Talking about…”, the videos address some principal notions of the Programme: the importance of political support, transnational cooperation and partnership considerations.

The style and tone in the videos have been carefully selected to maximise impact through high credibility. This has been achieved by talking to people involved in the Programme on different levels, interviewing them unrehearsed in an informal setting, on location with carefully selected questions.

The Mini Call for Publicity

The Mini Call for Publicity was announced in 2007 for additional publicity and communications activities to be carried out by projects that had already been approved by the Interreg IIIB North Sea Programme. The funding granted enabled the projects to reach out to a larger audience and increase the visibility of their results and outcomes.

In total, by June 2008, 23 communication products were produced with an emphasis on films, DVDs and video clips.

More information about the Mini Call projects and a selection of the videos produced


Poland: Information campaign - Good information….for a good start

On 17 November 2008 Polish Ministry of Regional Development launched an information campaign, which aims at highlighting the useful information sources for potential recipients, which are:

Elements of the campaign:

More TV spots from the previous campaigns are available here:

More information


"J'avance avec l'Europe" (I’m forging ahead with Europe): the French television campaign on European programmes

(12 November 2008) France has just launched a television campaign to be aired on its national channels to show the French public concrete examples of what Europe has achieved. 13 films will be broadcast from now until the end of the month, and were inspired by the successful paths trodden by those who have benefited from European funds for jobs, innovation, youth mobility, rural development and sustainable development. The campaign is original in that it has mobilised all ministers involved in European Union financial support initiatives: the minister for territorial development, the minister of economy, industry and employment, the minister for agriculture and the minister of foreign and European affairs.

Two new interactive sites have been launched in parallel to further extend the outreach of the campaign: for 15-25 year-olds and, which is aimed at local officials.