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Brussels – 26-27 November 2008 - 36 Rue Froissart, Borschette building

The second meeting of the Inform network will take place on 26-27 November 2008 in Brussels. Communication officers from all the Member States, responsible for publicity actions in the operational programmes (ERDF and Cohesion Fund) at all levels: regional, national, European Territorial Cooperation and networking programmes will meet again to exchange the latest information from their fields of activities.

Please find the presentations below.




Inform meeting report
26 November, Wednesday                       Core group


Registration for the INFORM core group, coffee

10h00 - 12h30

Meeting of the INFORM core group representatives

        France - Italy

Discussion on:
  • cooperation with the Commission Representations
  • Open Days
  • presenting results of the policy in the context of the budgetary debate
  • making lists of beneficiaries more attractive and interactive
  • ESF and ERDF – possible cooperation between the networks

General and core group meeting


Registration for the INFORM general group


Welcome, presentation of the agenda and opening remarks
Raphaël GOULET, Head of Unit, European Commission, Directorate General for Regional Policy, Communication, information and relations with third countries


1. Information and communication in the Member States – presentation of the evaluation report prepared by Technopolis for DG REGIO
Malin CARLBERG and Effie PITSAROS, Technopolis Group



2. What has been going on?  Selected presentations on the latest information actions.

a) Promotional campaign for the OP Innovative Economy in Poland.
Agnieszka PALENIK, Ministry for Regional Development, Poland (8.9Mb)

b) Communication actions in Franche-Comté.
Annick COURTIN-HECKER, Europe Direct Franche-Comté, France

c) Communication strategy, tools and activities for the Czech OP Environment.
Zuzanna KASPAROVA and Lenka BRANDTOVA, State Environmental Fund, Czech Republic - (.avi movie)

d) North West Europe Programme  annual event.
Eva MARTINEZ OROSA, Joint Technical Secretariat, INTERREG IVB NWE, France - Description



Coffee break


3. Evaluation of communication actions

a) Evaluation of EU Structural Funds information activities in Lithuania in 2004-2006.  Implementing recommendations for 2007-2013.
Klaudijus MANIOKAS,  Public company ESTEP, Lithuania

b) Opinion poll on awareness of absorption of European Funds in Slovenia.
Branka MARKOVIČ and Romana JENKO, Government Office for Local Self-Government and Regional Policy, Slovenia


17h15 to 18h00

4. Open discussion


Social/networking event – dinner (standing buffet)

Venue: Les Ateliers des Tanneurs, 58-62 rue des Tanneurs, Bruxelles


27 November, Thursday


Morning coffee


5. Modern technologies – do we know how to use them effectively?

a) How to improve the usability of our websites. Main findings and conclusions from the seminar organised by the Management Organisation Unit, Greece.
Ivana DOULGEROF, Programming & Communication Unit, MOU S.A, Greece - Glossary

b) New media - key values and how to deal with it in a quick changing media world
Henrik JOSEPHSON, North Sea Region Programme, and Kirsti MIJNHIJMER, Northern Periphery Programme

c) Website plus management system: message and medium become one
Mieke CORNET, Programme West, Netherlands



6. Good results matter! How to present achievements of your programmes for 2000-06 / 2004-2006 period.

a) Andalusia, Spain – Beatriz GÁLVEZ and Francisco MORILLO - (.vob movie 49 Mb)

b) Regione Umbria, Italy - Valeria COVARELLI - (.wmv movie 6.3 Mb)

c) Neighbourhood Programme Lithuania-Poland-Kaliningrad – Giedrius SURPLYS



7. Current matters, ideas for the future joint actions – discussion

Possible topics:

  • Presentation of the new Panorama magazine
  • Ideas for presenting successful and landmark projects on the websites, publications, etc. Report of auditors, DAS 2007, closure of programmes, monitoring system: How to communicate on the implementation system?
  • Away with jargon - Common dictionary of synonyms already used by you: a possible joint project?




8. Parallel workshops:

1. Communication in the European Territorial Cooperation programmes: This workshop is aimed particularly at the communication officers from the ETC programmes, so that they can discuss and share experience on specific issues and challenges of communication in multilingual programmes spread over various territories.
Presentation: Web that reports - example of Latvia-Lithuania Programme website
Laura MELNE, Latvia - Lithuania CBC Programme, JTS, Latvia

2.  Communication handbook/guide – further steps: Members of the working group set up at the first Inform meeting are invited to join this workshop, together with all those who would like to contribute to the common project in its next steps.

3. Practical aspects of communicators' work:
- Various communication tools, creative approaches, original ideas: what works, what not, obstacles to be overcome, costs. Interesting ideas for not expensive communication actions. Ideas for major information events.
-  How to deal with press releases and relations with the media?
- Any other topics which will be deemed relevant and important or resulting from the meeting's presentations or discussions.

16h00 to 17h00

Closing Session.
Presentation of the workshops' conclusions by the rapporteurs.

End of the meeting