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Brussels – 15-16 June 2009 - 36 Rue Froissart, Borschette building

The third meeting of the INFORM network - network of communication officers responsible for information and publicity of the Structural Funds in the Member States, gathered over 150 participants. For the first time communication officers dealing with the promotion of the ESF were also present. The representatives of 10 Commission Representations joint the discussions as well.

Please find the presentations below.


Monday 15 June

10h00 - 12h30

Meeting of the INFORM core group, members of the INIO network and the Commission Representations

  • Cooperation with the Commission Representations and Europe Direct offices.
    Rolf-Jan HOEVE, European Commission, Representation in the Netherlands
  • ESF and ERDF/Cohesion Fund – further cooperation
    Cooperation between the ESF, ERDF an EAFRD on the example of the planned Objectif Com' meeting in Strasbourg, France (1-2 October 2009).
    Betrand MILLET, Europ'Act; Vasilije KUJACIC, DIACT, Geneviève BARIL, State Secretariat for the outermost regions and Dominique JEREMIASZ, DGEFP, France
  • Presenting results of the policy in the context of the budgetary debate and 5th anniversary of the enlargement
  • Open Days 2009 – state of play; ideas for possible cooperation
  • Transparency


General and core group meeting together
Opening remarks and chairing of the meeting

Raphaël GOULET, Head of Unit, Communication, information and relations with third countries European Commission, DG for Regional Policy

  • Presentation of the agenda
  • Conclusions of the core group meeting
  • Simplification of the regulation explained
  • Latest information from DG REGIO


How to get the message across to the public – part one
Regional Policy in the media

  • Presentation of the report "Analysis of EU regional policy in the Member States' media"
    Elisa ROLLER, Deputy Head of Unit, Communication, information and relations with third countries European Commission, DG for Regional Policy

Journalist: Alice DVOŘÁKOVÁ, Moravské hospodářství, South Moravia, Czech Republic


How to get the message across to the public – part two
Events in the Member States

  • Malta - Information Festival, Outdoor photographic exhibition (closure event 2004-2006), Indoor photographic exhibition (closure event 2004-2006)
    Antonella SEGUNA, Senior Manager, Communications, Training and Evaluations Unit, Office of Prime Minister
  • Italy – Using regional sports associations to promote the results of 2000-06 period
    Nicolina Del BIANCO, Communication Officer,  Europa Office, Molise Region
  • The Netherlands - How to make Europe visible for the public? A "Delighted with Europe!" tour, May 2009
    Vivian STRIBOS, Communication Officer, Gelderland Province
  • FranceEuropean week events, May 2009
    Mathilde BLAYA, Communication Officer, Midi-Pyrénées Region



Expert: Enrique GARCIA MARTIN-ROMO, Directorate General for Communication, Control and Evaluation Unit

17h15 to 18h00

Communication in the times of economic crisis

  • Communicating Structural Funds ambitions during the global recession – The wording changes but messages remain the same
    Carleen KELEMEN, Director of the Convergence Partnership Office for Cornwall and the  Isles of Scilly, UK
  • Hungarian communication campaign for economic recovery „Let the facts talk!”
    Judit Szücs, National Development Agency, Hungary


Networking event

Welcoming words: Mr Thomas de BÉTHUNE, Advisor in the Cabinet of Ministre-President of the Brussels-Capital Region
Venue:  Wiels.  Av. Van Volxemlaan 354, 1190 Bruxelles

 Tuesday 16 June


ICT and websites

  • RegioStars Website award – information, Q&A
    John WALSH, Deputy Head of Unit, Thematic Coordination and Innovation, DG Regional Policy, European Commission
  • Interreg IVC – presentation of a new website
    Nuala MORGAN, Communication Officer,  Interreg IVC
  • Czech Republic - presentation of the ICT tools designed and developed for applicants support
    Daniel FOLTÝNEK, Deputy Director, The Regional Council of the Moravian-Silesian Region
  • INTERACT. Presentation of the KEEP initiative - a major capitalisation tool, currently storing around 12 000 projects. How can this tool serve all operational programmes? 
    Richard GRIEVESON, INTERACT Programme Secretariat


Networking practices

  • Italy - Communicating Europe in Partnership with Europe Direct Centres
    Anna Maria LINSALATA, Communication Manager, Emilia-Romagna Region
  • Portugal - The Portuguese NSRF Communication Network Experience - Joint actions and “ground-breaking” initiatives
    Elisabete QUINTAS, Communication Department Coordinator, NSRF Observatory Radio Spot Video
  • Greece – “REGIONAIR”. A Transnational Forum and Exhibition on best practices in communication
    Antonios KRYSTALLIDIS, Information and Publicity Officer, Regional Operational  Programme of Central Macedonia




Parallel workshops:

  1. New technologies
    Discussion on new media in relation to target groups identified – a relevant media for the specific audience; doing the unexpected – Out-of-the-box initiatives and their effectiveness; WEB 2 and the social networks – how to use them.
    Chair: Irma ASTRAUSKAITĖ, Information Manager, LatviaLithuania Programme
    Rapporteur: Peter FISCHER, DG Regional Policy
    Presentation: The Social Media in CBC Programmes - Results from the INTERACT Networking Event in Vienna.
    Dorothee FISCHER, Communication and Project Development Officer, INTERACT Point Valencia

  2. Speaking through projects
    How to raise media's interest in the concrete results; how to work with beneficiaries; examples of projects databases; ways of presentation: paper publications vs. on-line, audio-visual presentations, etc.  
    Chair: Magdalena DZIUBEK-GRUDZIŃSKA, Ministry for Regional Development, Poland
    Rapporteur: Marie LAMBERT, DG Regional Policy

  3. Networking
    How to animate the networks, including INFORM, in-between the meetings? Are there any good tools that could be recommended: exchange platforms, mailing lists, newsletters, etc? How to avoid the top-down approach?
    Chair:Cecilia WERNER KASTENSSON, Director of Communications, Tillväxtverket, Sweden
    Rapporteur: Barbara PIOTROWSKA, DG Regional Policy

16h00 to 17h00

Closing Session.

Presentation of the workshops' conclusions by the rapporteurs.

End of the meeting