Information & Communication Platform - Inform Network

The Information & Communication Platform - Inform Network aims to serve as a meeting point for the communication officers, project managers and all those interested in providing information on cohesion policy, and in particular on the European Regional Development Fund and the Cohesion Fund interventions in the Member States.

All direct beneficiaries of European Cohesion policy have to be published by the Managing Authorities under the rules governing the implementation of the funds 2007-2013. This map provides direct links to the lists of beneficiaries of the European Regional Development Fund and the Cohesion Fund available on the respective websites in the Member States.

newDecember 2010: "Study on the quality of websites containing lists of beneficiaries of EU Structural Funds pdf " The study contains inter alia a number of recommendations to make the list of beneficiaries more comparable and user-friendly.

(15 May 2008) Transparency: How to present the beneficiaries lists - a guidance note on the publication of beneficiaries -Annex


new Eurobarometer Survey : Citizens’ awareness and perceptions of EU regional policypdf - doc - Summary pdf (October 2010)

RegioStars 2011

For the 2011 edition of the RegioStars awards, communication category, we are looking for good examples of a promotional photo of a co-funded project.

Award criteria for category 5 - Information and communication

  1. Quality and visual impact of the photo: it tells the story of the project well, is aesthetic and of high quality. For example, the human dimension of a project is well captured and/or an unusual angle has been chosen.
  2. The project photo has contributed to increasing the visibility of European regional policy: this will be judged based on evidence provided by the applicant. How has the photo been used in communication activities? Did it feature in news articles, or on posters, postcards etc? What messages on regional policy were conveyed? Was it part of a communication strategy? Demonstrate the impact these activities had.
  3. The project description is complete, correct and informative: inter alia, the following elements should be explained: the European dimension of the project; the results of the project, and the contribution of the project to the region's development strategy. If possible, cite the reactions or opinions from a beneficiary.

For more information go to the RegioStars pages.

Send us your best ERDF, Cohesion Fund or IPA project photo (with description)!

Deadline: 16 July 2010!


RegioStars 2010

The winner of the 2010 RegioStars awards in the communication category, websites, is Lithuania:
For more information, including information about the five finalists, consult the RegioStars 2010 pages.


RegioStars 2009: best TV spots promoting the European Cohesion Policy.

On 16 February 2009 the RegioStars Award was given for the first time to the Information and Communication category, for the best TV spot promoting the EU cohesion policy.

The five finalists were:
- the Czech spot "The dog",
- the Greek TV spots "Do you know about ESPA?",
- the Hungarian campaign "It's good to be proud",
- the Polish national NSRF image campaign, and
- the Netherlands TV programme "The European Union and the province Zuid-Holland".

The crystal trophy was awarded by the Commissioner of Regional Policy and the president of the jury to the Greek series of two TV spots promoting the National Strategic Reference Framework: "Do you know about ESPA?".

Watch the video of the winner
Watch the video of the finalists
Read more about the RegioStars

Review of EU Cohesion Policy Communication Plans 2007-2013. Activities of national and regional managing authorities in the field of communication.
The study was carried out in the second half of 2008. It is based on a review of a sample of 69 Member State communication plans plus 15 cross-border programmes, as well as a set of interviews with a sample of people responsible for communication activities in the various managing authorities. More Information.

Open Days 2008
Communicating Cohesion Policy together

In the Member States

We publish here descriptions of information campaigns and other communication actions from the Member States. If you have a story to share, please contact us.

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RegioNetwork is an on-line platform for cooperation and exchange of good practice between European regions. Members of INFORM are encouraged to sign up and use the site to network with experts and representatives of other regions. A dedicated INFORM network group has been created on RegioNetwork2020, which is open only to INFORM network members. If you are working on information and publicity issues for a Managing Authority of an ERDF or Cohesion Fund programme, sign up and share your views with other INFORM members!

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Given the size of the Structural Funds budget, the European Commission did not want to leave the "right to know" to chance. With the Member States’ agreement, it has established a certain number of obligations so that the mechanisms for granting funds are transparent and citizens can find out about the European objectives of these funds, along with their results.

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The Directorate General for Regional Policy supports the exchange of information between the communication officers dealing with information and publicity on Structural Funds (ERDF and Cohesion Fund) interventions in the Member States, either by animating the INFORM network, or by participating and contributing to the meetings organised on a national level.

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  • Inform Network meetings
  • Conferences

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Information tools are not limited solely to the ones formally required by the regulation. A broad variety of information products, from TV and radio broadcasts and publications to calendars and games for children has been collected here to inform, inspire and provide good examples for other communication officers.

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The Evaluation section presents reports and opinion surveys related to information and publicity as well as evaluation templates which can be used to evaluate various communication measures.

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How to communicate

A practical introduction to the information and publicity actions carried out in the Member States concerning assistance from the Structural and Cohesion Funds in the period 2007-2013.

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