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Policy Learning Database

This searchable database has been developed primarily for project promoters, policy makers and other practitioners to promote policy learning. During 2007-2009 it provided access to a growing collection of in-depth project analyses to actively support the exchange of experience. In July 2010 it was expanded to include specific ex-post regional analyses.


This searchable database therefore contains three types of documents:

The database is searchable by sector and sub-sectors, member states or regions. A short synthesis and project / author contact details are provided on screen while the full case study or evaluation report (where available) is linked for download.
This database is part of the communication effort foreseen under the Regions for Economic Change initiative linked to spreading good practice, in particular on priority themes linked to innovation and modernisation themes. While there is no standard way to improve regional competitiveness and develop effective public policies there are many practical examples and evaluation outputs to learn from.
In addition to this database, several hundred short descriptions of Cohesion Policy funded projects in many regions across all member states over several programming periods are available in the Success stories database.


01/2011: A new case study of the project "Systematic Leadership and Innovative Management" - or SLIM II - from the Northern Central Sweden region is now added.  The projects aims were to strengthen the Värmland cluster network while extending its activities to the Regions of Dalarna and Gävleborg, build research capacity and establish permanent institutions for the systematic leadership and management of the processes.

12/2010: 97 specific reports from the DG REGIO ex post evaluation of the 2000-2006 programmes have been added to the Policy learning database on Inforegio. You will find both regional and national analyses across different policy areas: transport, environment and climate change, INTERREG, structural change and globalisation, gender and demography, management and implementation systems, rural development.
These reports were available under each study in the ex post evaluation section on Inforegio but through the database they can be searched by country, region and theme.
These reports can be identified by the words "Ex post evaluation" in the title when making a national or thematic search.

15/09/2010: Addition of three project case studies for the regions West Midlands, UK, WM Technology Network, Northern Ireland (UK), ; Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg (DE) German Turkish Business Centre

12/08/2010: Addition of 3 project case studies from the BMW Region of Ireland co-funded under the Regional innovative action programme - Business Mentoring for Winners, Food technology transfer, Research Vouchers Scheme

07/2010:  Resulting from the ex-post evaluation of the different 2000-2006 INTERREG strands 15 project case studies have now been included in the database.  These case studies can all be found by using the key phrase "Territorial dimension of regional policy" in the search engine.  The case studies provide examples of interregional or cross border cooperation in a wide variety of themes (i.e. water management, energy, innovation, culture and tourism) and territories (including Belarus, Russia and Tunisia).

06/2010: 12 case studies added to the database arising from the 2000-2006 ex-post evaluation work on "Management and implementation". The case studies can be found by using the key word "Structural Funds management and governance" listed in the search page.  The case studies concern programme processes and methodologies in BE, CZ, DE, DK, ES, FI, FR, HU, LT, NL, PL and UK.  

28/05/2010: 3 project case studies published - Saarland region (DE)

10/2010: You can now refine your search in the database by selecting several criteria simultaneously using the "Ctrl" key (e.g. business support AND social inclusion)

The following 14 case studies were included in 2009:
London (UK), Tower Hamlet Women's enterprise; Alicante (ES), Desalination Plant,;Viljandi, Estonia, Traditional Music Centre;
Andalusia (ES), Guadalinfo; Centre (FR), Touraine Node Park; Gelderland (NL), Multicultural Educational and Care Centre; Liguria (IT), the Don Bosco Institute; Nord-Pas–de-Calais (FR), support for the transmission of enterprises; Norra Norrland (SE): Development of the “Laponia World Heritage"; Świętokrzyskie region (PL): Modern water supply and sewerage disposal; Salzburg (AT): Implementation of Company all-day child care facilities; Sachsen (DE): A Centre for Flöha – New life in the former cotton spinning mill 'Wasserbau'; Sachsen (DE): Support for urban and local infrastructures; Sydsverige (SE): Rock City Hultsfred.


Short summaries of some groups of these case studies are available in the following publications:

A methodology for projects analyses is available in this case study manual brochure


We would appreciate feedback or suggestions you might have of projects to be included. Please send an e-mail.





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