Territorial cohesion: what scales of policy intervention?

Follow up of Green Paper on Territorial Cohesion 2nd TCUM session
Seminar - Brussels 12 March 2010


Beyond the 6th progress report on cohesion which has been published in June 2009, where the Commission has provided a short synthesis of the debate on Territorial Cohesion, there is a need to capitalize on over 390 answers. A first seminar took place on 25 September 2009 on the specific topic of territorial cooperation and cohesion. It was organized in the framework of the Sub-Committee of the Committee for the Coordination of the Funds, dealing with Territorial Cohesion and Urban Matters (TCUM), gathering experts from all EU Member States.
The interest shown encourages us to duplicate such seminars to other areas of the territorial cohesion debate. It is therefore proposed to organize a specific seminar devoted to the scales of policy intervention in the light of the Green Paper process, within the framework of the TCUM expert group.
How do local, regional and national authorities adapt the scale of policy intervention to territorial challenges and potential, in functional areas such as river basins, mountain ranges, metropolises or urban-rural areas? With what support of EU Cohesion Policy? The basis for discussion will be selection of relevant cases presented in the answers to the Green Paper on Territorial Cohesion.
The general purpose of the seminar will be to:

The discussion might concern possible improvements within the present programming period, new policy developments, and ideas for the future policy. But it is made clear that the seminar is a place to express ideas and discuss between stakeholders and public actors in charge of policies at national and EU level; it is a new step in the Green Paper process, but it does not affect the negotiation of the future policy.

The participants will be: usual national experts of TCUM; stakeholders and European networks having presented interesting contributions to the Green Paper  in the field; other experts; DG REGIO; other DGs concerned; EU Institutions (Committee of the Regions, European Parliament, Economic and Social Committee); in total: 120 participants from across the European Union are invited.