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Cities of Tomorrow

Final Report and thematic issues

Cities of Tomorrow

Cities of tomorrow - Challenges, visions, ways forward - (October 2011)

More than two thirds of the European population lives in urban areas. Cities are places where both problems emerge and solutions are found. They are fertile ground for science and technology, for culture and innovation, for individual and collective creativity, and for mitigating the impact of climate change. However, cities are also places where problems such as unemployment, segregation and poverty are concentrated. The 'Cities of tomorrow' reflection process will provide inspiration for policymakers and practitioners involved in urban development, whether at local, regional, national or European level.

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Cities of tomorrow - Thematic issue papers

Cities of tomorrow - 10 case studies of "Good policies and practices of cities tackling challenges" pdf



The european commission reflection process on the "cities of tomorrow"

Undertaken upon the initiative of Commissioner Johannes Hahn, this reflection will form part of the wider discussions on the future of regional policy. It will address issues such as:

  • How can regional policy support towns and cities to tackle the challenges of today and in the future?
  • What vision do we have for possible models for cities and towns of tomorrow?

One of the end-goals is to be able to identify good practices and policies which could serve as inspiration at a European level.

28 and 29 June 2010 : First working group, bringing together around 20 European experts. Discussions focused on the shared challenges facing cities both today, and in the future: Agenda and presentations

25 and 26 October 2010: Second working group, bringing together academic experts and city representatives. Discussions focused on "visions and models" for cities of tomorrow: Agenda and presentations

20 and 21 December 2010: Third working group, bringing together academic experts and representatives from cities and from European associations. Discussions focused on governance issues for cities of tomorrow: "How to make it happen" : Agenda and presentations

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