National Operational Programme on Metropolitan Cities


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Programme description

Main Objective

The multi-fund National Operational Programme "Citta' Metropolitane" (NOP Metropolitan Cities) is part of the Italian national Urban Agenda and Sustainable Urban Development. 

The programme will support a joint effort and cooperative method between 14 Metropolitan Cities designated according to the recent Italian legislation. The goal is to improve the quality and efficiency of urban services and social inclusion for the more fragile population.

Funding priorities

The programme will focus on five main priorities :

  • Metropolitan Digital Agenda (EUR 98 mio ERDF, 16,7%)
  • Sustainability of public services and urban mobility (EUR 210,8 mio ERDF, 35,9%)
  • Services for social inclusion (EUR 142,4 mio ESF, 24,2%)
  • Infrastructures for social inclusion (EUR 113,3 moi ERDF, 19,2%)
  • Technical Assistance (EUR 23,5 moi ERDF, 4,0%)

Expected impacts

  • 70% of the municipalities of a Metropolitan City with full interactive services;
  • 678 municipalities associated with integrated information systems;
  • More than 92,000 lights (LED technologies) for a reduction of 18 GWh and 1,900 tons of C02/1000.
  • Decrease of annual primary energy consumption of public buildings (2.2GWh / year) through 38,000 m2 rehabilitated.
  • More than 200 km of bike trails.
  • Provide a home to 1,800 homeless out of an estimated 34,000 population
  • Accompanying socio-economic activities to 485 individuals out of 18,000 from marginalized communities
  • Regenerate more than 2,250 spaces and more than 35,000 m2 for activities with a social objective.

Programme text

PON “Città Metropolitane”


  • Italy


  • Regional Development Fund (ERDF): 1,436,869,914.00 €
  • European Social Fund (ESF): 245,890,086.00 €

Thematic priorities

Financial information

Total OP budget: 1,992,332,885.00 €

Total EU contribution: 1,682,760,000.00 €

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CCI number: 2014IT16M2OP004