Interreg V-A - Austria-Hungary


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Programme description

Main objectives

The Cooperation programme 'Interreg V-A Austria-Hungary' aims to foster cross-border cooperation along the Austro-Hungarian border, a part of the former "iron curtain".

Strategically, the programme focusses on environmental protection and joint management of natural resources, on increasing the border region's accessibility by creating better links to the TEN-T network, on cross-border SME support and on closer co-operation in legal and administrative questions to create a better integrated border region

To achieve these strategic objectives, the programme aims to:

  • improve the protection and development of the region's rich cultural and natural heritage, increasing the ecological stability of natural habitats and improving the protection of water bodies
  • promote regional sustainable transport and remove bottlenecks in network infrastructures
  • enhance the competitiveness of SME and promote competitive regional products
  • further improve cross-border governance structures.

Funding priorities

The programme will focus on the following four priorities:

  1. Enhancing the competitiveness of SME
  2. Protecting the environment and promoting resource efficiency
  3. Promoting sustainable transport and removing bottlenecks in key network infrastructure
  4. Enhancing institutional capacity and an efficient public administration
  5. Technical Assistance

Some of the expected results

  • Increased survival rate of SMEs in the border region
  • Improved conservation degree of Natura 2000 sites (100.000 ha)
  • Improved chemical and ecological condition of cross-border water bodies
  • Increased attractiveness of the border region in terms of green tourism
  • Decreased travel time to TEN-T network and better multi-modality
  • 35 educational institutions cooperating in joint qualification schemes


  • Austria
    • Burgenland
    • Niederösterreich
    • Wien
    • Steiermark
  • Hungary
    • Nyugat-Dunántúl


  • Regional Development Fund (ERDF): 78,847,880.00 €

Thematic priorities

Financial information

Total OP budget: 95,870,327.00 €

Total EU contribution: 78,847,880.00 €

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CCI number: 2014TC16RFCB010