Smart, Green and Integrated Transport – Work Programme 2016-2017

The two-year Work Programme for Transport Research was published on 14 October 2015. The preparation of the work programme was based inter alia on a continuous exchange with stakeholders including Transport European Technology platforms and industrial associations. A targeted consultation took place between May and July 2014.

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Smart, Green and Integrated Transport

Documents resulted from the consultation of stakeholders:

  • The

    /programmes/horizon2020/en/file/transport-research-scoping-paperdoc-0Transport Research Scoping Paper_0.doc

    , which is part of the ‘Strategic Programming’ of the Work Programme 2016-2017. It covers the full Horizon 2020 governance structure, and summarises the main priorities identified for 2016-2017 and their links to major EU policy initiatives.
  • The 

    /programmes/horizon2020/en/file/response-tagpdfResponse of the TAG.pdf

    to the seven questions raised during the Consultation of the Horizon 2020 Advisory Groups.

Other inputs and key working documents from stakeholders:

Aeronautics and air transport

  • Advisory Council for Aviation Research and Innovation in Europe (ACARE) – Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda
  • Flightpath 2050
  • Clean Sky 2 Joint Technology Initiative reference documents
  • Single European Sky Air Traffic Management (ATM) Research (SESAR) – European ATM Master Plan (edition 2012).

Rail transport

Road transport

  • Competitive Automotive Regulatory System for the 21st century (CARS21)
  • CARS 21 – High Level Group final report 2012
  • Fuel Cell and Hydrogen technologies in Europe (2011), financial and technology outlook on the European sector ambition 2014- 2020
  • Fuel Cell and Hydrogen 2 Joint Undertaking key documents
  • European Road Transport Research Advisory Council (ERTRAC) – research agenda and plan
  • European Green Vehicles Initiative, Contractual Public Private Partnership Roadmaps
  • European Conference of Transport Research Institutes (ECTRI) – Input to 'EC Stakeholders meeting on vehicle technologies to enhance road safety', March 2013.

Waterborne transport

  • Waterborne Technology Platform

    /programmes/horizon2020/en/file/strategic-research-agendastrategic research agenda


    /programmes/horizon2020/en/file/implementation-planimplementation plan

  • Platform for the implementation of NAIADES (PLATINA) – Strategic Research Agenda for Inland Waterway Transport
  • European Sustainable Shipping Forum (ESSF) / Sub-Group on Research & Innovation – Research topics and recommended studies; Alternative fuels for shipping:

    /programmes/horizon2020/en/file/essf-research-innovation-submissionESSF Research & Innovation submission


Urban transport

Inputs from multiple stakeholder networks on urban mobility topics were taken into account.

Intelligent Transport Systems

  • ERTRAC Research Roadmap for Automated Driving
  • European Transport Research Alliance (ETRA) – Reports and Position Papers
  • European Road Transport Telematics Implementation Co-ordination Organisation (ERTICO-ITS Europe).


  • Joint task force of ERTRAC, ERRAC, Waterborne, ACARE and ECTP - 'roadmap for cross-­‐modal transport infrastructure innovation'
  • TEN-T guidelines
  • Council conclusions on Transport infrastructure and the Trans European Network  - Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council meeting Brussels, 3 December 2014.


  • Alliance for Logistics Innovation through collaboration in Europe – European Technology Platform (ALICE – ETP): roadmaps and recommendations:
  1. Sustainable, Safe and Secure Supply Chain research & innovation roadmap
  2. Corridors, Hubs and Synchromodality Research & Innovation Roadmap
  3. Information Systems for Interconnected Logistics Research & Innovation Roadmap
  4. Global Supply Network Coordination and Collaboration research & innovation roadmap
  5. Urban freight research roadmap

Socio-economic and behavioural aspects

  • Copenhagen Research Forum – Visions for Horizon 2020
  • League of European Research Universities (LERU): Social Sciences and Humanities: essential fields for European Research and in Horizon 2020
  • ECTRI answer to the Consultation on the state of the Socio-Economic Sciences and Humanities (SSH) in Europe, June 2013.

Cross-cutting issues




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