Food Security, Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry, Marine, Maritime and Inland Water Research and the Bioeconomy - Work Programme 2016-2017 preparation

Preparation of the work programme 2016-2017 for Societal Challenge 2 involved many stakeholder engagement activities and consultations.

The new two-year work programme has been published on 14 October 2015. Preparations started at the end of 2013. They took into account the political priorities of the European Union and referred to several foresight exercises.

Consultation of stakeholders was an integral part of this programming process which was managed as a participatory process. In this respect Societal Challenge 2 particularly considered the following inputs:

  • Advisory group report: The advisory group has been working on programming for 2016/2017 since October 2013. Following a meeting on 19 June 2014, they prepared a report entitled 'Recommendations to the Strategic Programme 2016-17 for Horizon2020 Societal Challenge 2' (September 2014). The group met again on 29.01.2015 to prioritize their recommendations.
  • Targeted written consultation of stakeholders: a questionnaire was sent to a targeted list of around 250 stakeholder organisations including SC2 relevant European Technology Platforms, Joint Programming Initiatives, European Research Area Networks (ERANETs), science organisations, industry organisations. Results have been assembled in a report which has been fed into the programming process.
  • European Innovation Partnership for Agricultural productivity and sustainability (EIP-AGRI): agriculture and forestry stakeholders are also engaged in reflection on the research agenda via the EIP-AGRI network and activities: focus groups, workshops on 'How to make protein crops profitable in the EU?' and on 'Biosecurity in the EU', collection of needs for research from practice via the e-form on EIP-AGRI interactive platform.
  • EIP-AGRI stakeholder consultation workshop on Horizon 2020 priorities for 2016/2017: a targeted interactive workshop assembled around 80 participants representing a variety of organisations involved in the EIP-AGRI. The outcomes of the consultation have been pooled into a Stakeholder consultation report and summarized in a short article. Visit the workshop webpage for more information.
  • AGRI Research workshops: specific working sessions have been organised to deepen the gap analysis and formulate research questions with key selected experts. Available reports or news articles have been made available on this page. Specific themes tackled were:
    • 'Research on Public goods and ecosystem services from agriculture and forestry' (02.12.2014)
    • 'Plant Breeding cooperation with China' (05.12.2014) - See summary of conclusions
    • 'What research priorities to fight Animal influenza?' (in coordination with EFSA, Parma, 08-09.01.2015) - See news article and summary of conclusions
    • 'Research on climate change and agriculture' (10-11.02.2015) - See news article
    • 'Empowerment of rural areas: a research agenda for Horizon 2020' (19.02.2015) - See news article - Summary of conclusions - Full report
    • 'EU experts' workshop on food safety issues in the context of R&I EU-China cooperation (23.03.2015)'






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