Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) - Work Programme 2016-2017 preparation

For the preparation of the Work Programme (WP2016-2017) for FET under H2020, inputs from many sources have been collected, including in particular those from the FET Advisory Group. The FET WP2016-17 covers the continuation of the FET Open scheme, the next step in the implementation of the FET Proactive initiative on High Performance Computing (HPC), the funding of new FET Proactive topics and the next step in the implementation of the two on-going FET Flagships.

The preparation of the FET work programme 2016-2017 (published in October 2015) took place in 2014 and first semester of 2015, and took various inputs into consideration:

"FET has the potential to become the leading research and technology visionary funding scheme in the innovation process within and beyond H2020. An evolutionary model of the future FET programme, which could boost the visionary emerging technologies in the EU in a way similar to how the ERC boosted fundamental research, is very much needed. It will require not only broadening the thematic interest relative to the current FET, but also widening its community towards smaller groups, including most innovative SMEs".

  • Regarding the formulation of new FET proactive calls, taking into account the results from the online consultation for new FET Proactive topics (run in May-June 2014), we gradually converged on a range of topics, whose descriptions have been further refined (titles of areas and topics, as well as the short paragraphs describing them) to attract paradigm-changing interdisciplinary proposals on future technologies, in the spirit of FET.
  • Regarding FET Flagships, no specific open consultation was undertaken as the focus of the WP2016-2017 is an invitation to continue the two running Flagships.
  • The report on Mathematics for Digital Science, resulting from an online consultation and a workshop, was also used as input.


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