FET Proactive

FET Proactive – a key element of the EIC Pathfinder Pilot - helps new research communities to be developed by encouraging researchers from different disciplines to work together on new technologies in specific domains.
From CYBERHAND FET project to real applications: the bionic hand!

In addition to research, FET Practive activities also include:

  • generating a research roadmap for the area,
  • developing appropriate educational materials, and
  • disseminating results to raise the general awareness of the new technology benefits.

In the Work Programme 2016-2017, FET Proactive consists of 3 initiatives under the topic "Boosting emerging technologies" and 3 initiatives under the topic "High Performance Computing" (HPC), 
implementing part of the European HPC strategy.

Boosting emerging technologies

The preparation of the FET Work Programme 2016-2017 took various inputs into account, and this FET Proactive call consists of 3 initiatives: Emerging themes and communities, FET ERANET Cofund and FET ERANET Cofund in Quantum Technologies.

Emerging Themes and Communities

The aim is to mature four novel areas and themes by working towards structuring emerging communities and supporting the design and development of transformative research themes.

Area 1: Future technologies for societal change

  • Being human in a technological world
  • New science for a globalised world

Area 2: Biotech for better life

  • Intra- and inter-cell bio-technologies
  • Bio-electronic medicines and therapies
  • Cognitive neuro-technologies

Area 3: Disruptive information technologies

  • New computing paradigms and their technologies
  • Quantum engineering
  • Hybrid opto-electro-mechanical devices at the nano-scale

Area 4: New technologies for energy and functional materials

  • Ecosystem engineering
  • Complex bottom-up construction



The challenge is to support the maturation of novel research topics and structuration of the corresponding communities in the FET domain, in complementarity and synergy with the FET actions directly funded by the Commission, and while fostering cross-fertilisation and synergies between the supported topics and communities.

ERANET Cofund in Quantum Technologies

Research on quantum technologies in Europe is currently funded through several targeted initiatives at European, national and regional level. The aim is to foster synergy between these initiatives in the area of quantum technologies in order to create collaborations among the best groups in Europe and fostering broader partnerships around them to spread excellence and to broaden the European footprint of this emerging technology area.

High-Performance Computing

HPC aims at the next steps for leveraging the existing European strengths for building the next generation of extreme performance computing and taking advantage of the new opportunities created from the transition from peta to exascale computing. The ultimate goal is to achieve world-class extreme scale computing capabilities in platforms, technologies and applications.

The FET Proactive call "High Performance Computing" has 3 initiatives:

  • co-design of HPC systems and applications
  • transition to exascale computing
  • exascale HPC ecosystem development


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