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FET Open

FET Open gatekeepers
FET Open supports the early-stages of the science and technology research and innovation around new ideas towards radically new future technologies. It also funds coordination and support actions for such high-risk forward looking research to prosper in Europe.

Overall, FET Open will receive 40% of the total FET budget in Horizon 2020.

Research and Innovation Actions (RIA)

FET Open calls for collaborative research and innovation actions that satisfy the FET Open 'gatekeepers', which are:

  • ambitious scientific and technological breakthrough goal,
  • foundational character,
  • high degree of novelty,
  • high-risk,
  • long-term vision,
  • deep synergistic interdisciplinary approach.

FET Open encourages not only proposals with new and promising ideas, but also proposals from new high-potential actors in research and innovation (such as young researchers and high-tech SMEs), who may become the scientific and industrial leaders of the future.

Learn more about the selected projects from the first cut-off, the second cut-off and the third cut-off dates (2014-2015)..

Coordination and Support Actions (CSA)

FET Open also calls for CSA to turn Europe into the best place in the world for responsible collaborative research on future and emerging technologies that will make a difference for society in the decades to come.

In 2016, actions are called on:

  • FET Communication, to raise the visibility and impact of FET;
  • FET Exchange, to structure and strengthen an emerging FET-relevant science and technology research and innovation topic and the interdisciplinary communities involved in this topic;
  • FET Conference, to support the organisation of the next European FET Conference and Exhibition;
  • FET Innovation Greenhouse, to establish a Europe-wide capacity for innovation, exploitation and entrepreneurship.

In addition, the new FET Open CSA call FET Innovation Launchpad aims at funding further innovation related work (i.e. activities which were not scheduled to be funded by the original project) to verify and substantiate the innovation potential of ideas arising from FET funded projects and to support the next steps in turning them into a genuine social or economic innovation.


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