Access to Risk Finance - Work Programme 2018-2020

These inputs consist of but will not be limited to:

Advisory Group and stakeholder recommendations cover a stronger focus on alternative financing, especially equity crowdfunding; measures to increase cross-border investments; enhanced support for technology transfer offices and operators; greater efforts to increase potential clients' awareness of the funding opportunities offered by the financial instruments, and to simplify their offerings; improving the investment-readiness of SME Instrument clients; fostering the prospects of women entrepreneurs; and supporting VC funds with a lifespan that better matches the funding needs of 'deep tech' sectors such as cleantech and the bio-economy.

This information will be completed with more references to relevant sources and materials as they become available.

The work programme is now published.

Please click here for information about previous consultations for the preparation of the Work Programme 2016-2017.

Adoption of the Work Programme for 'Access to Risk Finance' is foreseen in the autumn of 2017. This document, which constitutes the legal basis for action under this specific objective of Horizon 2020, will be drafted on the basis of a variety of inputs collected from stakeholders through different processes.