Publications about FET Flagships

E.g., 20-01-2019
E.g., 20-01-2019
  • HORIZON 2020 FET Open in 2014-2016: STATE OF PLAY

    What is FET Open? What projects does it fund? What participants does it attract?
    FET Open
  • The Future of The Future and Emerging Technologies (FET), a possible nucleus for the European Innovation Council

    The Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) Advisory Group has produced a report which proposes to put FET at the nucleus of the European Innovation Council.
  • Graphene Flagship. One Year On. Annual Report 2013–2014

    Launched in October 2013,the EU funded Graphene Flagship has now been sailing for a little over a year. Much has been achieved in this short time, yet we are only a tenth of the way on a voyage that we hope will take graphene and related materials from academic laboratories into society. The following pages highlight some of the flagship’s science and technology achievements to date.
  • Horizon Magazine - EU Research Framework Programmes, 1984 - 2014

    For three decades, the EU Framework Programmes have been funding breakthroughs across Europe. RTD’s Horizon Magazine looks at the people and events that have helped shape European research policy, taking you behind the scenes during the pivotal moments from the last 30 years of research funding. These articles have been brought together into a special Horizon supplement to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Framework Programmes.
  • Check out our latest FET Newsletter - edition March 2015

    Latest news on FET research on funding opportunities, evaluation results, new H2020 FET projects starting, Flagship news, focus on German participation in FET projects....and more.
  • Ten technologies which could change our lives

    The Science and Technology Options Assessment (STOA) unit of the European Parliament published an analysis entitled "Ten technologies which could change our lives: Potential impacts and policy implications", covering topics such as Graphene and Massive Online Courses.
    logo of the European Parliament
  • Report of Pres. Barroso's Science and Technology Advisory Council (STAC) : The Future of Europe is science - October 2014

    The "STAC report" was presented to President Barroso in October 2014 at "The future of Europe is science" Conference in Portugal. This foresight report outlines some key opportunities for Europe that could be provided by science and technology, looking ahead to the year 2030.
  • Overview report: "Conferences for the future of FET" - EU COFET project (2012-2014)

    FET2020 Conference Conclusions A number of items have been the topic of interactive discussions in a cycle of three conferences to shape tomorrow’s FET research of Europe innovation, outreach and strengthening participation. This report is written & published by an EU funded project.
  • 3rd FET2020 Conference Report: "Increasing Participation in FET"

    The report presents the outcomes & discussions from our 3rd FET2020 Conference held in Budapest(Hungary 26/06/2014, and which had the objective of discussing aspects related to increasing the engagement and participation within FET projects in Horizon 2020. Of particular interest was how to increase participation of both the scientific and industrial communities of those Member States with a relatively low participation rate in FET projects in FP7, namely the majority of the EU13 Member States.
  • Report: 2nd FET2020 Conference: "FET & The City"

    The COFET project aims to support the future development of the FET programme within Horizon 2020 based on a dialogue between science, policy, industry and society. Three conferences will address three different topics, with this report presenting the outcomes and discussions from our Conference held in Pisa, Italy on the 30th and 31st January 2014, and which was focused on all aspects of outreach and stakeholder engagement. The ultimate objective was to move FET projects, and potentially the FET Programme, beyond the traditional view of dissemination and towards a more holistic value driven view encompassing outreach, engagement and citizen science.