• Horizon 2020 Agri-Food calls - the multi-actor approach explained

    The Multi-Actor Approach in Horizon 2020 Agri-Food calls is a critical component for proposals but is one that applicants often get wrong. What it really means, how you can address it well in your proposal, and some good and bad examples, explained by Ian Holmes, H2020 UK National Contact Point for Food Security, Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry, Blue Growth and the Bioeconomy.
  • ActivAge project: Supporting Active and Healthy Ageing through IoT technologies


    Using Internet of Things (IoT), ActivAge aims to prolong and support the independent living of older adults, whilst responding to real needs of caregivers, service providers and public authorities. Have a look at the video to see how this works.

    Screenshot of project video with the cartoon of an older lady and gentleman, surrounded and linked to devices with words security and privacy
  • Multi-actor, practice-led innovation improving animal welfare

    Hennovation team
    How can farmer-scientist cooperation deliver useful outcomes which can be quickly put into practice? The first "multi-actor" project under Horizon 2020, "HENNOVATION" explains how they used the multi-actor approach to improve animal welfare.
  • What is European Researchers' Night?


    The science dissemination initiative called European Researchers' Night within the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions was again a success in its last version in September 2016. This Europe wide public and open event aims to raise awareness about research, dispel stereotypes about researchers and entice young people to take up a research career in the future.

  • From Thomas More to Future & Emerging Technologies, the utopia lives on


    The future holds much potential, whether we'll end up in Utopia or Dystopia will be up to us and the following few generations. Walter Van de Velde, European Commission FET Programme and Strategy Officer gives an inspiring Tedx Talk on "The Deep Future? It Starts With Believing In It" and on how the European Commission still believes in magic with its Future & Emerging Technologies funding scheme.

  • Digital solutions for heart failure management

    This video by the EU-funded HEARTEN project describes their innovative mobile platform that will allow patients suffering from heart failure to be managed and linked with healthcare professionals, caregivers, their families, physical activity experts and nutritionists; all of this, just by using their smartphones.
  • Supercomputers: a key tool for understanding the human brain

    The High Performance Analytics and Computing (HPAC) Platform within the Human Brain Project provides supercomputing, storage, and visualisation resources for the simulation of complex models and for analyzing huge neuroscientific datasets.
  • How supercomputing can help addressing energy challenges


    The HPC for Energy (HPC4E) project presents a short video on the societal challenges faced in energy production and consumption and how exascale supercomputing helps addressing them.

  • The FET Proactive project Flora Robotica - towards growing a robotic plant


    Flora Robotica develops and investigates relationships between robots and natural plants. The project explores the potentials of plant-inspired robots, and aims at growing artificial plants.

  • ERC - Bringing great ideas to life


    This short video lets you discover the ERC and the research it funds.


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