Featured projects about Photonics

  • More photonic pilot-lines for Europe

    Kevin Williams
    The latest addition to the European photonic pilot-line projects has officially started with the launch of InPulse in January 2019. InPulse is the fifth EU-funded pilot-line to be launched in the past 3 years and focuses on indium phosphide Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) and subsystems.
    indium phosphide photonic integrated circuits
  • Using Hermes Super Resolution microscopy system as an image diagnostic tool to detect and study cancer sample

    As a result from the research and engineering efforts of the FET-Open project Cellviewer, a completely automatized super resolution microscope was built, capable of very fast imaging of many individual cells at the same time.
    microscope set up
  • How augmented reality will make surgery safer - the VOSTARS project

    The project VOSTARS (Video and Optical See Through Augmented Reality surgical Systems) is developing a new Augmented Reality surgical visor, employing state of the art photonics technology. The visor is developed to improve accuracy and speed of interventions, for example by virtually superimposing a patient’s x-ray on their body or showing medical data, so that a surgeon never has to look away during an operation and gets all updates in real time.
    an artistic impression of the new headmounted display
  • Rapid allergy detector to beat penicillin deaths

    Sufferers of hypersensitivity to common antibiotics like penicillin and amoxicillin will soon find help with a new allergy detector, a low-cost, bio-photonic device that will be 6 times faster and 100 times more efficient than current technology, providing more targeted treatment for millions of patients
    this is how the system works
  • Multi-country research into smaller and cheaper solar cells

    Research and development remains vibrant in the Spanish solar market industry, an example of which is the European Union (EU)-funded LIMA project. The project shows that Spain continues to benefit from the strong infrastructure developed in the country over the last 20 years.
E.g., 19-10-2021
E.g., 19-10-2021