Featured projects about Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies

  • Bathroom material beats solid wood and wood-based panels

    A long-lasting and cheap alternative to wood for use in bathroom furniture could be on sale soon, thanks to an EU-funded project that has developed an economic rival to imported materials.
  • Simple apps transform advanced manufacturing

    EU researchers have developed a new model for collecting data across the manufacturing life cycle and storing it all in one place. Accessing this data, prototype apps have helped to improve metrics by nearly 90 % in SME advanced manufacturing trials, hinting at how apps could transform this sector in Europe.
  • New light on emulsions

    Many industries - and each of our cells - depend on emulsions. An EU-funded researcher has developed a method for studying molecules at the interface between oil nanodroplets and the water-based liquid contained in these substances. Her work advances understanding of liquid interfaces and emulsion stability, and is of great interest to industry.
  • High accuracy measurements to meet manufacturing needs

    The advanced technologies designed by researchers working on the SURFUND project go beyond the current state-of-the-art techniques in metrology, the science of measurements applied to manufacturing and other industrial processes.
  • Remote health check for machine tools

    Machine tools are expensive investments that need frequent preventive maintenance. EU-funded researchers have devised new methods to keep them in peak condition through remote monitoring, cutting maintenance costs. Commercial prospects for the new technology are strong thanks to the industrial partners in the project.
  • Cost-effective graphene production could bring material benefits

    EU-funded researchers have conclusively shown that large-scale, cost-effective manufacturing of graphene is possible, opening up new product possibilities and ensuring that Europe remains at the cutting edge of applied nanotechnology.
  • Cleaner energy from coal

    Europe still depends heavily on coal, despite the strides made in developing renewable energy sources. To use this coal more wisely, an EU-funded project investigated a resource-saving way to access more coal while cutting the CO2 it releases into the atmosphere.
  • Understanding the potential of Africa's digital revolution

    In just a couple of years, Africa has gone from possessing a total bandwidth availability comparable to that of Norway to having almost one hundred million internet users and seven hundred million mobile users.
  • Faster, cheaper, energy-efficient manufacturing of metal parts

    The aerospace, medical technologies and automotive sectors have very high manufacturing costs because of the complexity of the parts involved, the low volumes produced and the price of raw materials. EU-funded researchers are building a solution that almost sounds too good to be true: a fast, energy-efficient combined subtractive and additive manufacturing machine that produces metal parts for lower cost than its traditional counterparts.
  • Revealing the benefits of closer supply-chain relationships

    The T-REX project is sending outdated business practices the way of the dinosaurs by showing how closer cooperation between manufacturers and their clients can save resources and boost productivity. Up to 50% gains have been achieved thanks to real-time equipment performance-monitoring implemented by a Spanish project partner.


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E.g., 03-12-2021