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E.g., 22-06-2017
E.g., 22-06-2017
FET-Open Word-Cloud
From 20/06/2017 to 20/06/2017
A new batch of 28 excellent proposals that aim to explore novel ideas for Future and Emerging Technologies has been invited for grant preparation. The 26 Research and Innovation Actions and 2 Coordination and Support Actions were selected by independent experts in a fierce competition of 374 submitted proposals. The next deadline for submitting a FET-Open proposal is on 27 September 2017. Read more
CIRCLE project
CIRCLE project
From 09/05/2017 to 11/05/2017
Dublin, Ireland
What is happening in molecular communication? To what extend can we interfere with the process, how and what for? Those and numerous other questions are challenging researchers in the field. One of the utmost difficulties for this emerging research filed, however, is synergizing the research methods, plans and approaches for maximizing the efficacy and success of the research. Read more
Doctor looking at an X-ray image
3D X-ray imaging
From 03/05/2017 to 03/05/2017
The goal of the FET-Open project, Voxel is to develop a ground-breaking 3D X-ray technology which will not only reduce the adverse effects of classical x-ray technology but also increase image quality. Read more
communication hub
effect of communications
From 24/03/2017 to 24/03/2017
High risk, long term, multidisciplinary and collaborative frontier research, laying the foundations for radically new, next generation technologies – this is the essence of the Future & Emerging Technologies (FET) programme. But how do you communicate efficiently on such high level science projects without losing your audience along the way of science? How do you achieve the outreach you have always dreamt of? Read more
This is the map of Europe showing the participation to the FET programme
Participation of EU countries to FET programme
From 21/03/2017 to 21/03/2017
The infographic shows the participation in Horizon 2020 Future & Emerging Technologies (FET) projects, indicating the round-off number of participants per country and distribution of funding as of December 2016 Read more
This is a picture of the cover of the report.
From 21/03/2017 to 21/03/2017
A report by the Future and Emerging Technologies Advisory Group analyses how technological innovations need to pay close attention to the social contexts in which they are to be placed. It recommends more support to multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research that brings together engineering, natural science and the social sciences and humanities. Read more
Artwork by Joris Laarman
This is an artwork by artist Joris Laarman produced within the framework of the Vertigo project.
From 21/03/2017 to 21/03/2017
Are you a R&D ICT project coordinator or partner? Apply now and have the chance of hosting an Artistic Residency that will boost your open innovation and the dissemination of your technology! Read more
This is a picture of the artwork. It represents a big wheel lighted in the darK
Ion Hole (installation view), Evelina Domnith & Dimitry Gelfand.
From 15/03/2017 to 15/03/2017
Dundee, UK
The FEAT project brings together artists and Future & Emerging Technologies projects to push the boundaries of human knowledge. The exhibition will display the work of six leading international artists hosted within FET projects. Read more
From 08/03/2017 to 08/03/2017
Join the Graphene FET Flagship for an inspirational day with focus on career development. Read more
FET Open
FET Open
From 01/03/2017 to 01/03/2017
What is FET Open? What projects does it fund? What participants does it attract? Read more