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E.g., 21-07-2019
E.g., 21-07-2019
  • FET-Open project SUMCASTEC workshop on biomedical applications of electromagnetic energy

    Ilan Davies
    The Biomedical Applications of Electromagnetic Energy workshop features the technological developments made by the project Semiconductor-based Ultrawideband Micromanipulation of CAncer STEm Cells (SUMCASTEC).
  • Packing some power: storing energy at ultra high temperatures

    Is it possible to store energy at extremely high temperatures of up to 2000ºC? What are the advantages of having such technology? And what are the challenges when it comes to developing it? These are just some of the burning questions scientists from the FET-Open Amadeus project are trying to answer at an experimental foundry in Norway.
    Ultra High Temperature Energy Storage
  • Improving disease detection through ultra-high-field MRIs

    The widespread adoption of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) revolutionised clinical medicine, and the revolution has not stopped. Scientists in the FET-Open project are exploring ways to make MRIs even more effective - aiming to help patients get the best possible treatment through early disease detection.
    MRI image
  • MERLIN: Helping today's researchers create tomorrow's enterprises

    Do you have research results worthy of being exploited? But when it comes to the next stage of commercialising or setting up a company, are unsure of how to take the first step? MERLIN, as part of the EU’s Innovation Radar initiative, is your opportunity to take you and your research results to the next level.
    MERLIN logo
  • Micro-scale implants inside the brain to cure Parkinson’s Disease

    EIC FET-Open project STARDUST will deliver a conceptually new device for in vivo optogenetics, electrophysiology and triggered local drug-delivery for Parkinson’s Disease.
    brain nerves
  • Chromosome imaging promises breakthrough treatments

    FET-Open-funded researchers are developing pioneering tools and techniques that will enable scientists to view chromosomes in unprecedented detail, greatly advancing research into life-saving treatments for cancer and cures for many genetic disorders.
  • Human-machine cooperation in healthcare

    People are increasingly interacting with intelligent technology, as the real and digital worlds become intertwined. The EIC FET-Open project is working to bring new forms of human-machine collaboration into real-life educational settings for healthcare providers that will benefit students, trainers and patients.
    nurse working with technology
  • QUAKE: interactive analysis of Big Spatial Data to help weather prediction

    The FET-Open project QUAKE aims to market a transversal tool combining interactive supercomputing and in-situ techniques to break traditional workflows in High Performance Computing simulations. This could be applied to many different domains, including weather forecast.
    QUAKE logo
  • More photonic pilot-lines for Europe

    Kevin Williams
    The latest addition to the European photonic pilot-line projects has officially started with the launch of InPulse in January 2019. InPulse is the fifth EU-funded pilot-line to be launched in the past 3 years and focuses on indium phosphide Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) and subsystems.
    indium phosphide photonic integrated circuits
  • SYMBIOTIC - innovative autonomous electrical biosensor for screening cancer biomarkers

    The FET-Open project SYMBIOTIC works towards the development of an autonomous, low cost, disposable electrochemical biosensor for the early detection of cancer.
    SYMBIOTIC logo