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E.g., 20-07-2019
E.g., 20-07-2019
  • Satellite imaging allows landslide prediction and preparation

    Landslides can now be identified, mapped and characterised using optical images from satellites, following an EU-funded project that has also made it possible to predict such events and to simulate their effects on transport links.
  • Project to trial stem cell diabetes treatment

    A promising stem cell treatment for diabetic kidney disease will be assessed in a clinical trial run by the EU-funded project NEPHSTROM. The trial is one of a series of steps to determine whether the treatment is effective and safe for patients with this life-threatening condition.
  • New aircraft engine parts will reduce fuel consumption

    They carry us around the world, but aircraft also burn significant quantities of fuel and emit pollutants wherever they go. EU-funded E-BREAK has developed more advanced and lighter aircraft engine components that can withstand higher temperature and pressure. Lighter aircraft propulsion systems are also lighter on the wallet due to lower fuel consumption - and their environmental impact is also lower.
  • Network to combine carpooling with public transport options

    The EU-funded project SocialCar is developing an urban networking service allowing travellers to combine public transport with car sharing offers to plan trips. The aim is to offer travellers more options and reduce urban congestion.
  • How can pilots manage surprise in highly automated airliners?

    Since the 1980s, flying has become increasingly automated, which has huge advantages. But EU-funded researchers wondered how today's pilots might fare when forced to fly a plane the "old-fashioned" way. Their project identified weak manual flying skills and made recommendations to improve them.
  • Making the most of microalgae

    What could be the next new super crop? How about microalgae? An EU-funded project is developing technology to grow and use these single-celled plants. Already used in health-food supplements, the crop has potential to green existing industries and develop new ones.
  • How simulating behaviour can help policy makers

    In an ever more complex and expanding world social sciences still have to rely on data from experiments with very limited numbers of participants. FET project IBSEN promises to change this with a viable simulation tool which takes account of real world conditions.
  • A more accurate imaging probe for cancer surgery

    EU-funded project PRISAR is developing a hybrid probe that doctors can use to more precisely target cancerous tumours in image-guided surgery and during post-operative radiotherapy treatment. The project aims to improve treatments for cancer patients and save more lives.
  • Mitigating the impact of natural disasters through multi-sector partnership

    Floods, wildfires, droughts and volcanic eruptions. These are just some of the catastrophes that will cause increasing damage and costs in Europe if steps aren't taken to address the risk from natural disasters, says ENHANCE, an EU-funded research project. The findings are being used at EU, national and local levels.
  • New building material lets in light but keeps out cold

    The EU-funded BrightWall project has created a translucent concrete wall that allows in natural lighting without the associated loss of heat. This could help Europe cut its electricity usage to save money, conserve the environment and strengthen the economy.