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  • New booklet shows how EU research and innovation funding impacts your daily life

    The European Commission has published a new booklet showing a few examples where EU support for research and innovation is making a real difference in the lives of citizens and society as a whole. It is aimed at all age groups so everyone can understand the good work EU funding can do.
  • Solar Power – Investing in sunlight

    The Andasol solar power station is Europe's first parabolic trough solar power facility. Andasol will supply environmentally friendly solar power to about 500,000 residents in Spain. The new plant will cut carbon emissions in the region by 450,000t per annum compared with conventional coal-fired power plants.
  • Financing the development of rice-based products with the EU's Risk Sharing Instrument

    Ernesto Morgado SA is the oldest rice-milling company in Portugal. In recent years it has begun to invest heavily in R&D in order to expand its product range. Located in the rice-growing Mondego Valley, Ernesto Morgado has been a player in rice milling since it was set up in 1920. It now employs 55 people.
  • A fourth generation laser that is pushing research boundaries

    The scientific community has expressed an increased need for radiation sources capable of producing ultrashort pulses, with extreme brightness and coherence.
  • Working towards greener engines

    The global car industry faces a big challenge to develop engines that are both efficient and environmentally friendly. But a family-owned Austrian company is hoping to find an answer through research into new technologies like hydrogen fuel cells and nanocomposites.
  • Boosting research to defeat cancer

    Despite many scientific breakthroughs over the years, cancer remains a deadly disease, and treatments are often limited in their scope. But cancer research is improving and one of the most promising areas is in biological therapy, or biotherapy, where a €100 million loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB) with financial backing from the European Union is helping find out how to manage molecules to kill cancer cells while sparing their healthy neighbours.
  • Developing cutting-edge technologies to help fight cancer

    Ion Beam Applications is developing and commercialising cutting-edge technologies and pharmaceutical and customised solutions in the field of oncology, which are used by some 3 000 hospitals worldwide. Its innovative proton therapy solution has been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of patients and clinicians. Its smaller footprint means it is more affordable, easier to install and operate and offers a shorter time to first patient treated.
  • Improving the technology that drives the travel industry

    Although today’s tourists take it for granted that they can book hotels, flights and cruises online, the search process can often be complicated, slow, daunting and confusing. But European researchers are working to improve the information technology driving the travel industry, and a €200 million loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB), with financial backing from the European Union, helps to develop new innovations that make bookings much easier.
  • Zeta Biopharma or how the EU's Risk Sharing Instrument Translates into Innovation and Growth

    Zeta Biopharma is a medium-sized Austrian company that manufactures high-tech plants used in the pharmaceutical industry. Zeta has recently taken advantage of the EU’s Risk Sharing Instrument (RSI) to finance the development of its business.
E.g., 11-04-2021
E.g., 11-04-2021