Smartphone solutions for smarter, greener urban mobility

Thursday, 18 May, 2017
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School meals don't matter only to kids and their parents. Like other services within the scope of public sector food procurement, they also matter economically. Determination to source produce locally and sustainably can make all the difference to a region's farmers, as can labels protecting its specialities. An EU-funded project is connecting the dots.

Currently undergoing trials in eight European cities, the TRACE project is developing and implementing four unique tools focused on enhancing environmentally and community-friendly urban mobility, harnessing the benefits of widespread consumer adoption of mobile tracking technology on smartphones.

“We are taking advantage of the potential of tracking services to promote walking and cycling as a means of travelling to work or school, going shopping or as a leisure activity,” says Paulo Ferreira, the TRACE project coordinator at Portuguese research institute INESC-ID. “On the one hand, we are evaluating how these services can encourage behaviour change to reduce urban traffic and pollution and help people lead healthier lifestyles, while on the other we are looking at how tracking data can be used to enhance urban transport planning.”

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Opening the cycling and walking tracking potential
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