From smart homes to living buildings – the next step in human habitats

Thursday, 10 November, 2016
Life happens inside your four walls, right? But what if those walls are actually alive themselves? The vision of FET Open project LIAR is to turn our habitats into sustainable 'living' buildings.

LIAR stands for Living Architecture and refers to a programmable bioreactor that the FET Open project plans to develop. Project researchers from four countries are working on inserting bacteria into bricks and concrete.  This will generate heat, circulate air or produce biomass. 

By using innovative microbial fuel cell technology and synthetic 'consortia' of microbes, LIAR plans to develop a modular bioreactor wall. Bioreactor building blocks will become part of common building construction methods.

Homes, offices or large public buildings such as schools could benefit from the envisaged customizable and programmable bioreactor, which will extract valuable resources from waste water and air, generate oxygen or produce proteins and fibre.

Living architecture is one answer to the steady urbanisation trend worldwide. The LIAR project aims at providing a sustainable solution for a growing number of people in limited space with limited resources.

A recent exhibition in Venice brought together scientists, technology experts, architects, artists and the general public to demonstrate the vision and impact of this innovative project.

More information is available on the website of this EU-funded project .

Living Architecture
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