Ocean Sampling Day: be part of it!

Saturday, 21 June, 2014

Help marine research reach the next level – support the Ocean Sampling Day !

On 21st June 2014 will take place a "world première" : The Ocean Sampling Day (OSD).

On this summer solstice day, up to 100 science teams all around the world will take water samples from the ocean in order to identify the microbes in it.

The outcome of this global effort will be nothing less than the biggest data set in marine research that has ever been taken on one single day. This vast open-access data set will be incredibly valuable for the marine scientists. You can also take part to this great adventure and join the OSD Citizen Science campaign (MyOSD) by collecting important environmental data like latitude, longitude, temperature, wind speed and others. This data help the scientist to get a better understanding of the world’s oceans.

It is important that many people contribute on the same day. With OSD, scientists will get a huge snapshot of the world’s oceans (high spatial resolution) in a very narrow time window. It’s like taking a high-resolution picture with your camera, capturing all information in one snap.

Watch the Ocean Sampling Day video below and find out more about the Ocean Sampling day: