Next generation lighter-than-air hybrid air vehicles

Friday, 3 July, 2015
The Airlander hybrid air vehicle is a new form of aircraft designed by Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd (HAV). The vehicle combines inert lifting gas, aerodynamics and vectored thrust to deliver ‘game changing’ performance, compared to current flight technologies.
Airlander © Hybrid Air Vehicles Limited

Performance advantages include 1/3rd the fuel burn of conventional aircraft, reduced reliance on infrastructure and intermodal transport due to the unique amphibious all-terrain landing gear technology.

The Airlander Civil Exploitation Project (ACEP) will undertake this work, resulting in a fully specified civil variant, an engaged regulator, approved regulations and significant risk reduction for commercial customers, thereby allowing orders to be made.

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Airlander - rear view

© Hybrid Air Vehicles Limited

Airlander Civil Exploitation Project
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