MSCA researcher: Working on herpes and encephalitis to cure children

Wednesday, 12 March, 2014

Meet our MSCA fellow Vanessa Sancho-Shimizu, a researcher in infectious diseases. She moved to London to pursue her research career after her post-doc funded by MSCA in Paris. This video highlights the benefits of being exposed to different research environments, and how it contributes to foster creativity and exchange of ideas.

"There is probably no more important aspect in science than fresh and creative ideas" Prof Michael Levin (Imperial College), supervisor of MSCA fellow Vanessa Sancho-Shimizu.

 Vanessa is working on genetics, most specifically on herpes and simplex encephalitis - a very rare and life threatening infection for children-. The results of her research will help identifying children at risk so that they can be treated with anti-virals.

In this video, she shares her experience as a MSCA fellow and comments on the benefits of this mobility and career development programme.