Interactive innovation in motion: multi-actor projects and thematic networks under Horizon 2020

Brussels, Belgium
Tuesday, 24 November, 2015
The multi-actor approach is an innovative concept which was introduced in Horizon 2020 for the first time in 2014 for agriculture and forestry projects. The European Commission organised a workshop to share experience with the first multi-actor-project coordinators and inspire new applicants.

This workshop was organised in the context of the InfoWeek on Societal Challenge 2 calls 2016, following the publication of the work programme for 2016/2017 on 14 October 2015. It was maintained despite the events in Brussels that week, with a slightly adjusted programme and audience.

The workshop provided examples on 8 multi-actor projects including 3 thematic networks, wtih presentations from coordinators and testimonies from farmers or advisors of representatives of the end-users benefiting from these projects. A detailed presentation of the multi-actor approach and what is new under work programme 2016-2017 also enabled participants to improve understanding of this still new concept.

Wacth the recordings of the event in FR, EN, DE and original language here (available until 23/11/2017):

See the key messages highlighted by participants at #EIPagri can be used to ask some questions during the meeting.


The objectives of this workshop were to:

  • showcase examples of multi-actor projects and thematic networks financed under Horizon 2020 to inspire applicants, foster an exchange of views on how to best implement it;
  • raise awareness on most important changes under WP 2016-2017 and what our expectations are from the future projects;
  • encourage a variety of actors to engage in these projects.

Target audience

The workshop was aimed at potential applicants to Horizon 2020 funding for multi-actor projects such as scientists, farmer organisations, advisors organisations or other types of organisations, in particular those participating in the EIP-AGRI network.


See the final agenda for more information.

Presentations and timing of the recordings

Opening session

Welcome and introduction by Rob Peters, European Commission (00:00:00 - 04:45:00)

The multi-actor approach under WP 2016-2017: what's new? State of play of EIP-AGRI and operational groups: what outcomes and on-going activities could be useful for the development of proposals? Inge Van Oost, European Commission (05:20:00 - 42:50:00) - Presentation

Questions and answers on the multi-actor approach (42:50:00 - 59:00:00)

Coffee break (59:00:00 - 1:29:00)

How to build multi-actor research and innovation actions?

Flash presentations of the projects by coordinators or their representatives:

Testimonies from end-users:

  • Sylvain Sturel, APCA, for LANDMARK (2:11:00 - 2:18:30) - Presentation
  • Vicente Bodas, adviser for Aliara Agricola, Spain, represented by Anna Osann for FATIMA (2:19:00 - 2:24:30) - Presentation

Discussion with the audience (2:25:00 - 2:55:00)

Networking lunch (2:56:00 - 4:26:00)

How to build sucessful proposals for thematic networks?

Presentations of the projects by coordinators or their representatives:

  • ISIB 2 - WINETWORK - Eric Serrano, Institut français de la vigne et du vin (4:27:20 - 4:36:40) - Presentation
  • ISIB 2 - OK-Net-Arable - Bram Moeskops, IFOAM (4:37:30 - 4:46:20) - Presentation
  • WATER 4B - FERTINNOWA - Els Berclmoes, Proefstation voor de Groentetelt (4:46:40 - 4:55:20) - Presentation

 Testimonies from end-users:

  • Elisa SUAREZ, Junta de Andalucia or FERTINNOWA (4:56:00 - 5:05:00) - Presentation - text
  • Dolores Gomez Ferron, vegetable grower, Clisol for FERTINNOWA (5:05:00-5:10:00) - text

Discussion with the audience (5:10:00 - 5:51:00)

Closing session

Exchange on further needs from applicants and closure (5:51:00 - 6:07:00)