Innovating Cities with Nature and Culture

Tuesday, 20 October, 2015
The European Commission is organising a Stakeholder Partnership event on 20 October 2015 to facilitate networking, information exchange and cross-border partnerships of actors interested in addressing urban challenges through innovating with nature or by making innovative use of cultural heritage assets for regenerating cities.

In the autumn, under the Horizon 2020 work programme for 2016-17, the European Commission will launch new calls for large-scale demonstration projects in cities as living-labs for nature-based solutions to societal challenges and cultural heritage as a driver for sustainable development. These calls mark a shift from basic and applied research to a novel type of innovation actions based on a systemic approach to solve problems and promote a more resource efficient, greener and competitive economy. The calls will aim at engaging stakeholders in cross-sectorial partnerships and inter-disciplinary activities, which are deemed necessary for co-designing, co-developing and co-implementing innovative solutions, testing them in real-world conditions through demonstration activities and securing their market uptake.

The Stakeholder Partnership Event of 20 October 2015 is aimed at presenting the strategic orientations and rationale behind the new approach for research and innovation in cities using nature and cultural heritage, and at offering an opportunity for information exchange and networking.

Representatives of public authorities and other stakeholders from cities and regions, industry and businesses, civil society organisations and from the research community are invited to join the event on Tuesday, 20 October 2015, at DG Research and Innovation, Rue du Champs de Mars 21, 1049, Brussels. We expect around 200 participants.

Indicative Agenda

The morning plenary session 'Opening-up partnerships for innovation in cities based on nature-based solutions and cultural heritage', will inform you about the overall strategic approach for engaging in a systemic approach to innovation for the re-naturing cities and for cultural heritage-led urban regeneration. Benefits from such an approach will be showcased through successful examples in different European cities.

In the afternoon, two parallel break-out stakeholder partnership sessions:  'Sustainable cities through nature-based solutions' and 'Cultural heritage as a driver for sustainable growth in cities', will explain the specific topics and provide networking opportunities.

When registering, participants will be asked to indicate which of the parallel sessions they would like to attend. They will have the opportunity to present their organisation and contribution to a specific topic. Presentations will be made available online.

Please scroll down at the bottom of this post to download the programme for the event and the privacy statement.

Sessions will be in English; interpretation will not be provided.

Seats will be allocated on a 'first come, first served' basis. However, due to limited room capacities, and in order to ensure the widest possible and most balanced participation of all types of stakeholders, we reserve the right to limit the number of participants from the same organisation to one.

Please note that the registration for the event has closed. All the info from the event will be available online.


For any questions regarding the programme of the conference, registration and logistics, please contact

In addition, you can now find attached the opening speech, all the presentations, several networking leaflets, and you can also watch the videos on our Home Page.