ICT19-2017 Media and Content Convergence Info day

Brussels, Belgium
Wednesday, 16 March, 2016
The Converging Media and Content Unit is organising an Info Day on 16/03/2016 for potential applicants to the call for proposals ICT19-2017. We will give information on the call and the criteria for the evaluation of proposals.

We are organising an Info Day for potential applicants to the call for proposals ICT19-2017 (link). The call addresses "Media and content convergence" to support the Media Industries under the EU Research & Innovation programme Horizon 2020 in the following challenge:

“The media and content sector is driven more and more by the use of technology and new business models, new ways of interaction, consumption and expression are appearing in the rise of the digital era. Europe's media sector is strong in creating content. It is embracing new technologies and investing in innovation to benefit from the digital market. However, the sector has to become even more tech savvy as competition is growing from global players that are particularly strong at technological innovation. The challenge is to make the best use of technology for reaching out to new audiences, adapting to the digital era and thriving in the connected Digital Single Market.”

We invite all potential players to participate in order to gain a better understanding of the call and the criteria for the evaluation of proposals.

This event will also work as an opportunity to share ideas and experiences, meet potential partners for future project consortia. A poster session will be organised at the Info Day event where all ongoing funded projects will present their activities.

The Network session will offer the possibility to present your ideas.

Prepare a short presentation (of max. 5 slides) based on the following questions:

          - Where do you see the main challenges in the area?
          - How would you address these challenges in your project?
          - Which expertise do you provide?
          - Which expertise are you looking for to build a consortium?
          - How to contact you? 

And upload it via your account used for registration to the event.

The event will be in the form of a morning session organized on the 16th of March 2016 in Brussels, Avenue de Beaulieu 25, room 0/S1 as of 09:00.

Please find attached the agenda.

Please follow the link to register!

A webstreaming of the Network session will be accessible through:


            Be informed that up to 10 minutes before the beginning of this webstreaming, you will see a "Access denied.

            This session is not published" message instead of the webstreaming.

            You can resolve this by refreshing the page (F5) at the start of this event.

During the session, if you have any question or suggestion, please use our functional mailbox (cnect-g1-research@ec.europa.eu).

By clicking on Browse delegates you will access to the list of participants with public profiles.

Here you will find the Lisf of published Presentations.