HORIZON 2020 FET Open in 2014-2016: STATE OF PLAY

Wednesday, 1 March, 2017
FET Open
What is FET Open? What projects does it fund? What participants does it attract?

FET-Open programme explores an open range of new and disruptive technological possibilities in all areas of Science & Technologies, inspired by cutting edge science, unconventional collaborations and pioneering new ways to create the optimum conditions for serendipity to occur. FET Open is highly competitive and aims to fund only the most excellent proposals.

Almost all of the FET-Open projects show some degree of interdisciplinarity with two or more disciplines being combined in one research topic. There is, however, a clear dominance of the projects involving disciplines, which are closer to each other (e.g. physical sciences with electrical and electronic engineering, robotics and automation).  For the projects selected for funding in the first cut-off, there was a dominance of physical science and electrical and electronic engineering, robotics and automation. Biological sciences, biotechnology, medicine and medical engineering were more dominant in the second cut-off. In the last call, the coverage of disciplines was more levelled out, still with some higher coverage of physical sciences.

FET-Open programme attracts applicants not only from Europe but also from around the world like from Unites States, Japan, Canada, Australia, Belarus and Russia. Industry and SMEs are well represented among both applicants and beneficiaries.

HORIZON 2020 FET Open in 2014-2016: STATE OF PLAY booklet presents data on country and organization participations, scientific fields covered, interdisciplinarity of research topics and proposal resubmissions, providing the figures and numbers coming out from four cut-off dates under Horizon 2020 between 2014 and 2016. Full booklet available here.