H2020 FET projects in Global System Science

Friday, 29 January, 2016
Global System Science aims to help integrate the abundance of data on social, economic, financial, technological, and ecological systems available today and elaborate societal responses across policy domains and cross-cutting authorities.

CIMPLEX will develop tools to predict and influence the spread of diseases in complex social systems.

DOLFINS will provide tools to improve policy development connected with the management of financial crises and with the facilitation of long term investments.

GRACeFUL's goal is to develop scalable rapid assessment tools for collective policy making in global systems, and test these on climate-resilient urban design.

IBSEN will build a repertoire of human behaviour in large (1000+ persons) structured groups using controlled experiments.  The project will apply this setup to specific research questions, focusing on novel phenomenology that may arise in large systems as compared to typical smaller ones, to find the rules that govern human behaviour in those cases, including the influence of social context and individual identity on them.