FET Innovation Launchpad call is open! Do not miss the chance to transform your project results into more concrete market opportunities

Wednesday, 3 June, 2020
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The Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) Innovation LaunchPad call is open! Projects aiming to transform results from Pathfinder/FET funded projects into societal or economic innovations are sought for. A lump sum up to EUR 100.000 per project is available to support short actions focused on non-scientific aspects and on turning early stage Pathfinder results into a genuine innovation with socio-economic impacts

The FET Innovation LaunchPad is part of the European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot and it supports the transitions of innovative ideas funded under the same programme. The FET Innovation LaunchPad encourages activities such as defining a commercialisation process, market and competitiveness analysis, technology assessment, verification of innovation potential, consolidation of intellectual property rights, business case development. Proposals can include activities with, for instance, partners for technology transfer, license-takers, investors and other sources of financing, societal organisations or potential end-users.

The new call, open until the 14th of October 2020, comes with a novelty: a lump sum payment. With this lump sum, there will be no actual cost reporting, no timesheets and no financial audits to be submitted. The payment will depend on the completion of the work.

Applications to this call are reserved for building on previous results from the Pathfinder/FET programme, which resulted in a favourable success rate in the past calls. Check the call conditions for the details on the eligibility criteria.

One of the several successful examples funded by the Innovation Launchpad is the Eggsorter project, which aims at commercializing a device that combines innovative micro-engineering design and machine learning methods to automatically inspect and sort miniature biological entities in a common model for studies in genetics, developmental biology or toxicology.

By using prototypes that were developed during the finalized FET ASSISIbf project, EggSorter has developed an improved prototype and analysed other potential market opportunities, has tested the new product with new end-users and created a spin-off, Bionomous, that is now producing and commercialising the product.

This new prototype will not only simplify the work of hundreds of researchers around the world, but also, will allow to identify novel features related to the development of embryo inside egg cells and new drug discoveries, which will have a high impact on the society in the future.

This outcome highlights one of the expected impacts of the FET Innovation LaunchPad topic that is to bring about improved competitiveness of the European industry, and economy overall, by seeding future growth and the creation of jobs from EIC Pathfinder/FET research results.

Do not miss the chance and apply by the 14 October 2020!


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