EU call for proposals for developing blockchains and decentralised data architectures

Monday, 27 April, 2015
The European Commission has just launched a new 5 Million EUR call aiming at the development of a distributed platform for decentralised data, identity management and bottom-up participatory innovation.

With a total budget of 5 Million EUR, the call (ICT-12-2016) aims at the development of a distributed open hardware and software platform. It should be capable of supporting decentralised data and identity management and bottom-up participatory innovation and thus offer an alternative to the current centralised data management platforms.

The call is an opportunity to demonstrate how a distributed architecture can enable new data services and disruptive (e.g. commons-based) economic models. As such, the platform is meant to answer the most pressing problem in the digital world nowadays: how to give citizens more control on their data.

This new paradigms can make citizens' generated data available as part of a common distributed and decentralised architecture, open to all, so to allow new entrants to aggregate data on demand, bringing unanticipated features and innovative services

The platform is expected to be

  • fully distributed (e.g. using decentralised algorithms based on blockchains) 
  • resistant to malware and hacking
  • preventing any possible centralisation of data storage or data management
  • able to provide federated identity management

This is the only call in the ICT program exploring the unique functionalities of blockchains or P2P systems, involving technological actors together with civil society and developers of social applications.

Submission to Participant Portal deadline is 12 April 2016

For more information about the call and the idea behind it, read the call text in the 2016-17 Work Programme.