An empirical approach to climate change adaptation

Tuesday, 10 May, 2016
From freak winter storms to summer floods and multi-year droughts, climate change is having an intensifying impact across Europe. Effective adaptation will be essential for countries, societies and industries as they seek to minimise the negative effects and perhaps even harness the potential benefits of a changing climate, according to EU-funded researchers.

While a large volume of macro-level data exists on how the global climate is changing, there is little empirical and comparable information on the impact at a local level, and even less on how municipalities, societies and industries are reacting. By analysing responses and adaptation strategies to climate change in 23 case studies, 14 research institutes in 9 countries have compiled a unique database of interventions in diverse geographical regions, from coastal zones and urban areas to sectors such as agriculture, forestry and water resource management.

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Bottom-up Climate Adaptation Strategies towards a Sustainable Europe
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