ActivAge project: Supporting Active and Healthy Ageing through IoT technologies

Thursday, 26 October, 2017
Screenshot of project video with the cartoon of an older lady and gentleman, surrounded and linked to devices with words security and privacy

Using Internet of Things (IoT), ActivAge aims to prolong and support the independent living of older adults, whilst responding to real needs of caregivers, service providers and public authorities. Have a look at the video to see how this works.

All around the world, mortality rates have fallen significantly over the past decades leading to considerable changes in the age distribution of societies. Soon, the world will have a higher number of older adults than children. This can heavily impact health and social care systems.

In this context ActivAge is building the first European interoperable and open IoT ecosystem enabling the deployment, at a large scale, of IoT based services for Active and Healthy Ageing.

This ecosystem will be integrating thousands of devices to collect and analyse environmental and lifestyle information, identify needs, and provide customised solutions, while ensuring data privacy and security.

The vision of ActivAge is to be the global world-wide reference for providing the evidence that:

  • Standard-secure-intraoperative IoT ecosystems enable new business models and cost-effective solutions for Active and Healthy Ageing;
  • This innovation contributes to the sustainability of health and care systems, the competitiveness of the European industry, and more quality of life and autonomy of older adults in the form of independent living.