Accurate, real-time test for explosives

Wednesday, 27 July, 2016
A fast, accurate and easy-to-use test for detecting high explosives, toxic chemicals and other small molecules is providing security services with a potentially life-saving tool in the fight against terrorism. Developed by EU-funded researchers, the innovative detection system has undergone successful field trials and is ready for widespread deployment.

Using the lateral flow immunodiagnostic technology commonly found in simple pregnancy tests, the dipstick or swab-based system is able to detect even the faintest traces of target substances on any surface, providing accurate results in a fraction of the time of some common detection techniques. Crucially, the technology – developed within the SALIANT project – is also as intuitive and simple to use as a pregnancy test, enabling tests to be carried out and understood by people without specialised training.

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Selective Antibodies Limited Immuno Assay Novel Technology
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