Information and Communication Technologies - Work Programme 2018-20 preparation

The Work Programme 2018-20 is going to be developed on the basis of a variety of inputs, including and in particular:

  • Advisory Group: The Connect Advisory Group (CAF) will participate in the broad consultation exercise involving all the Advisory Groups of Horizon 2020. The outcome of this collective reflection will be expressed in position papers presented to the Commission in June 2016.
  • Public Private Partnerships: The following Strategic Research Agendas will be consulted:

Big data
Factories of the Future (FoF)

  • Consultation meetings:

The complete list of consultation meetings for LEIT-ICT.

  • Open public consultations:

Interests of procurers for innovation procurements for WP2018-20.

Consultation report.

Survey on Future Media for the new H2020 Work Programme:

The preparation of the Work Programme 2016-17 was also underpinned by a variety of consultation activities and stakeholder input.

Work Programme 2018-2020 is now published.

The three-year work programme is planned to be published by the end of 2017. The preparations will consist of a strategic programming process in 2016 and writing of the Work Programme in 2017. Consultation of stakeholders will be an integral part of this process.