Horizon 2020 statistics


The brochure "Horizon 2020 In Full Swing -Three Years On – Key facts and figures 2014-2016" (PDF 3,9 MB) provides a snapshot of the programme's main achievements, taking into account more than 300 calls for proposals. For the first time, some early trends can be glimpsed from the year-on-year evolution of key monitoring data such as success rates, SME participation, and project evaluation.

For further monitoring data, you can consult the Horizon 2020 interactive Dashboard.

The brochure "Horizon 2020 - first results" (PDF 3MB), presents information on the first 100 calls for proposals.


Find out about the Horizon 2020 budget and also what we can tell you about the popularity of the programme, the success of SMEs, the degree to which the programme has attracted newcomers - both as participants and as expert evaluators - and the proportion of women experts? Answers below!