Waste: a resource to recycle, reuse and recover raw materials.
3 waste containers

One of the main focus areas of the "Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials Challenge" in Horizon 2020 is waste. In this sense, the main concern is to support the transition towards a more circular economy, where the waste generated in one industry becomes a secondary raw material for another industry.
This transition will generate growth and jobs, while contributing to environmental protection and reducing Europe's dependency on raw material imports.

R&I wants to support innovation in the whole production & consumption cycle and across all sectors of economic activity, with the involvement of all societal actors. Furthermore, the research in waste is also supporting different EU initiatives (VOICES, Public-Private Partnerships on sustainable process industries and on bio-based industries) and contributing to the resource efficiency road map.

The major research and action areas covered by the waste priority are:

  • addressing the shift towards a circular economy through industrial symbiosis
  • developing a system approach for the reduction recycling and reuse of food waste
  • encouraging the recycling of raw materials from products and buildings
  • moving towards near-zero waste at European and global level and
  • preparing and promoting innovation procurement for resource efficiency.