Micro- and Nanoelectronics

Just a few decades ago many things that are now part of our daily lives were unimaginable. This is mostly due to great advances in information and communication technologies and in particular micro and nano-electronics (MNE). MNE are key technologies that bring innovation, increase productivity and add smartness in products, services and manufacturing processes. They are essential building blocks in addressing societal challenges.
Micro chip


Keep Europe competitive

Advanced micro and nano-electronics technologies are at the origin of most innovations and productivity improvements throughout the economy. They create growth, jobs and enhance Europe's competitiveness.

This is best facilitated when we work together on a European level to tackle challenges related to technology development  and to address fragmented markets and weak value chains.

It is crucial for innovation in Europe that we join forces and open cooperate beyond the national borders.

Bring tangible results

EU investments in research projects for micro and nano-electronics contributed to the progress of miniaturisation (More Moore) and improved functionality (More than Moore) and this all at an affordable cost. More efficient electrical cars, smart textiles, revolutionary health devices and many more are just some examples of results achieved with micro and nano-electronics technologies.

The policy on micro- and nanoelectronics is implemented in close cooperation with the ECSEL Joint Undertaking.