Future Internet

The Internet of today is a major infrastructure for growth, job creation, and social progress. In the future it must continue to foster and support development, to accommodate and enable all the diverse and novel usages. The aim is therefore to address the most critical technical and use aspects for the Internet to be apt to sustain the huge future expectations of society at large.

The Future Internet research topics will:

  • address the limitations of an Internet not designed to support the very large set of requirements imposed by an ever more diversified usage,
  • support the advent of more efficient computational and data management models responding to the challenges posed by increased device / object connectivity and data-intensive applications,
  • leverage the Internet to foster innovative usages of social and economic value also benefiting from the geospatial capabilities of the Future Internet.

The area strategy is based on a complementary set of technology push – usage pull actions.

The technology perspective primarily addresses the limitations of communication networks and cloud computing infrastructures and services when moving towards a hyper connected world with hundreds of billions of devices fuelled by ambient and pervasive services.

The  usage perspective is supported by the early availability of testbeds for experiments and research validation (FIRE+) and by innovative social and business collaborative usages with users in control and getting the benefit of advanced technologies. This is complemented with actions towards web entrepreneurs to leverage downstream business opportunities.