European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)

The EIT contributes to the competiveness of Europe, its sustainable economic growth and job creation by promoting and strengthening synergies and cooperation among businesses, education institutions and research organisations.

What is the EIT and how does it work?

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) is an independent EU body based in Budapest that is strengthening Europe’s ability to innovate. The EIT plays a vital role in supporting the EU’s objectives of creating sustainable economic growth and jobs by enabling entrepreneurs and innovators to turn their best ideas into products and services for Europe.

The EIT nurtures entrepreneurial talent and supports new ideas, bringing together the ‘knowledge triangle’ of leading companies, universities and research centres to form dynamic cross-border partnerships called Innovation Communities (KIC — Knowledge and Innovation Community).

The EIT’s mission is to:

  • contribute to the competitiveness of Europe, its sustainable economic growth and job creation by promoting and strengthening synergies and cooperation among businesses, education institutions and research organisations;

  • create favourable environments for creative thought, to enable world-class innovation and entrepreneurship to thrive in Europe.

The EIT is an integral part of Horizon 2020, the EU’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

Electric planes, edible water bottles, artificial trees that clean the air with the power of 275 trees ...

The EIT’s Innovation Communities create and find innovative solutions to major challenges, including energy, climate, health, raw materials, digitalisation and food. They offer access to talent, knowledge, funding and new business sectors to:

  • develop innovative products and service: take your idea further by bringing it to the market with us!

  • start new companies: create or accelerate your venture with us!

  • train a new generation of entrepreneurs: develop your entrepreneurial skills with us!


What EIT Innovation Communities are there?

The EIT now has six Innovation Communities:

  • EIT Climate-KIC: addressing climate change adaptation and mitigation challenges;

  • EIT Digital: driving Europe’s digital transformation;

  • EIT InnoEnergy: achieving sustainable energy;

  • EIT Health: improving quality of life for European citizens and sustainability of health and social care systems;

  • EIT Raw Materials: ensuring the accessibility, availability and sustainable use of raw materials for the economy and citizens;

  • EIT Food: putting Europe at the centre of a global revolution in food innovation and production.

Each of the EIT Innovation Communities operates in innovation hubs. The innovation hubs are spread across the EU to increase the impact of the EIT’s activities.


The EIT: working across Europe

The EIT Regional Innovation Scheme (EIT RIS) is an outreach programme to help more organisations across Europe benefit from the EIT Community’s work and participate in its activities. The EIT RIS aims to increase the ability to innovate of European regions not yet working with the EIT and its Innovation Communities. The EIT RIS brings companies, universities, research labs and stakeholder organisations into Europe’s largest innovation community.

In July 2017, the EIT Community brought together more than a thousand partners, including:

  • 578 companies, including SMEs

  • 199 higher education institutions

  • 152 research centres

  • 83 cities, regions and NGOs


We are growing!

In 2018, we intend to set up two new Innovation Communities:

  • EIT Manufacturing: strengthening and increasing the competitiveness of Europe’s manufacturing industry;

  • EIT Urban Mobility: providing sustainable solutions for urban mobility.


Competition for new innovation communities: EIT Manufacturing and EIT Urban


Innovate with us!



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