ERA-Net Cofund scheme

What the ERA-NET instrument does 

ERA-NET under Horizon 2020 is a funding instrument designed to support public-public partnerships in their

  • preparation
  • establishment of networking structures
  • design and implementation
  • coordination of joint activities 

The instruments mainly 'tops-up' funding for single joint calls and transnational actions.

ERA-NET under Horizon 2020

The focus of ERA-NET has shifted from funding networks to 'topping-up' funding of single joint-calls for transnational research and innovation. This is done in selected areas with high European added-value and Horizon 2020 relevance.

ERA-NET under Horizon 2020 merges the former ERA-NET and ERA-NET Plus into a single financial instrument with the central compulsory element of implementing one substantial call with top-up funding from the Commission.

This aims to increase substantially the share of funding that Member States dedicate jointly to challenge driven research and innovation agendas.

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