Era Chairs

ERA Chairs stand for bringing excellence to institutions. ERA Chairs projects bring outstanding academics, with proven research excellence and management skills, to universities and research institutions in Widening countries with potential for research excellence. They aim to attract and maintain high quality human resources under the direction of an outstanding researcher (the 'ERA Chair holder') while at the same time implementing structural changes necessary to achieve excellence on a sustainable basis.
"Thanks to the ERA Chairs project we were able to create a group with excellent international specialists. Both young and advanced researchers from Europe, India and Syria are now part of the team working in Poland. Our project integrates different cultural and ethnical backgrounds as well as diverse research approaches. We are now truly an integrative science department and this diversity is our main strength in our journey to success." Robert Malinowski, ERA Chair of BIO-TALENT in Poland


"Thanks to the ERA Chair project, researchers from Masaryk University have been able to attend seminars given by world-renowned scientists, present their work and have it peer reviewed. It has giving the university international visibility and assisted in grants support development." Mary O'Connell, ERA Chair of CEITEC in Czech Republic