European Transport research contributes to finding solutions to the increasing mobility of people, with low-carbon technologies, clean vehicles, smart mobility systems and integrated services for passengers and freight.

Efficient transport is a fundamental condition for sustainable prosperity in Europe. Transport provides citizens with essential means of mobility and contributes to employment, growth and global exports. The European transport industry represents 6.3% of the Union's GDP and employs nearly 13 million people.

However, our transport systems and habits are too dependent on oil, which will become scarcer and is a serious polluter of our planet. Transport accounts for about 63% of oil consumption and 29% of all CO2 emissions.

Unless the present trends are corrected, the economic costs of traffic congestion will increase by about 50% by 2050, the accessibility gap between central and peripheral areas will widen and the social costs of accidents and pollution will continue to rise.

European research aims to strengthen the competitiveness of our transport industries and to develop a better European transport system for the benefit of all.

In the transport sector, research is at the core of developing new technologies for greener, smarter, more efficient transport means and innovative solutions for safer, more sustainable and inclusive mobility.

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