Partnerships with Industry and Member States

Under Horizon 2020 the Commission has joined with key industry partners to work together on the grand challenges of tomorrow. Investing jointly in research and innovation is essential for a smart and sustainable growth of our society.

Partnerships with industry

Through partnerships with the private sector, Horizon 2020 pools Europe’s resources to tackle the biggest challenges, support competitiveness, deliver high quality jobs, and encourage greater private investment in research and innovation.

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Public-public partnerships

Public-public partnerships are agreements that allow EU countries to draw up joint research programmes which the EU may participate in.

The aim is to pool national research efforts in order to make better use of Europe's public research and development resources and tackle common challenges more effectively.

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Contractual public-private partnerships

There are ten contractual public-private partnerships  between the EU and business representatives have strategic importance for the European industry.

The EU contributes with €7.1 billion while industry is also committed to leverage further investments in research and innovation, work on cutting-edge technologies and ensure the competitive edge of the European industry.

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