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Happy family gathering
Date: 22/01/2021

TOUCHLESS, a new project supported under the EU’s Horizon 2020 EIC Pathfinder funding programme, proposes innovation in haptic technologies used in virtual social interactions. It could help people who cannot fulfil their need for touch, e.g. because of social distancing rules. Read more

Earth inside a bulb
Date: 19/01/2021

EPISTORE is a new project supported under the EIC Pathfinder scheme. Its objective is to propose a novel paradigm technology for energy storage enhanced by breakthrough nanoscale concepts. Read more

Close-up of dandelion fluff (achenes)
Date: 18/01/2021

I-Seed, a new Pathfinder project, takes inspiration from nature and proposes a plant-inspired technology allowing in-situ environmental monitoring. Read more


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