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Dancing with wearable devices and AI-driven characters
Date: 14/01/2021

CAROUSEL, a new Pathfinder project, paves the way for emergence of social- physical behaviour of digital characters by better understanding human body-language and being capable to interact autonomously with a group of people. Read more

Multi-layered graphics of human body (semi-transparent) and binary coding
Date: 13/01/2021

DIGIPREDICT proposes the first of its kind digital twin – designed, developed and calibrated on patient measurements of various digital biomarkers and their interaction. Read more

Date: 12/01/2021

In October 2020, SPINTEX, the coordinator of the Innovation Launchpad Pathfinder Open “Silk Aquamelts to Market” (SAM) project, participated to IndieBio, the world's first accelerator devoted to startups using biology to solve the world's largest problems. Read more


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